About Miss Drew

Our Owner, Drew Smyth, graduated from Harcum College in 2017 with a degree in Animal Center Management where she learned the ins and outs of running this type of facility. She has furthered her education with training in animal first aid and CPR.

Aside from her extensive education and training, Drew has worked at doggy daycare facilities for over 6 years. Her passion for the dogs grew so much that she decided to open her own facility where she employs only the best staff members who share her passion.

While the location had already been operating as a doggy daycare facility for over 12 years, Drew acquired the location in July 2019 in an effort to make her dream of running her own business into a reality.

Miss Drew | Miss Drew's Doggy Daycare

Why Miss Drew’s?

At Miss Drew’s, your furry friend will feel right at home as we love each and every client like they are our own. We do not have added fees for belly rubs, one-on-one time, etc. because we believe that those luxuries should be given to every dog. From sitting with your dog to get them to eat dinner, to staying up late at night if they’re afraid of a thunderstorm, we provide all services necessary for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Your dog is more than just your pet–they’re a family member, so we will forever go above and beyond for each and every one.

Meet Dewey & Copper

Being a huge supporter of rescue, Drew has two rescued Bluetick Beagles.

Dewey was her first adoption in March 2020 and then Copper in September 2021. She describes her boys as inseparable, playful, and happy. When they aren’t playing with their friends at daycare, Dewey and Copper can be found wrestling, napping, or begging for snacks.

Some of Our Happy Pups!

Keep in Touch!

If you have any questions about our facility, please feel free to contact us.