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Miss Drew’s Doggy Daycare provides a safe place for pet parents to bring their dogs. There are multiple reasons why someone would need a place to take their dog during the day. The first being that they have long work days and do not want their dogs left home alone all day. This also provides the dogs with company, outdoor time to go to the bathroom, and a place to eat and drink during the day. Customers may also have young puppies who could be destructive if left at home while they are in their chewing stage. Customers with a long day at work also enjoy picking up their dogs from daycare tired and ready to relax in the evening. Some customers may not have the proper time to exercise their dog which is a very important part of a dogs’ life. Depending on the breed of the dog, some dogs require much more exercise than others.

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We’re conveniently located on Route 724 between Pottstown and Phoenixville. 

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